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As we assure plan , design, solve and create in our name. We are offering various courses, bootcamps and workshops free


Soon we are going to post out tutorials on different topics for now you can checkout our youtube tutorials


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What and Why PDSC?

Non profit organisation

PDSC is primarily but not limited to a data science community formed by students primarily from but not limited to Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering. We are a team from different colleges of Nepal joined together with a passion for learning new things and a goal of creating something different for the nation.We believe in learning by doing. So with no second thoughts in mind, we are working on the project to teach every Nepali Students, the professional side of learning. click here for more.

Technology Trainer

We started our journey on 23 June 2021 conducting a 4 days long Python for Automation workshop completely free. Almost 300 participants from different colleges of Nepal were benefitted from the event.

This huge participation boosts our spirit and hence we conducted 2 more workshops namely JavaScript Crash Course and Python for Data Science. Till now we have conducted 3 huge workshops and we are motivated enough to continue.

Quality Learning platform

With the hope of making education accessible to everyone, we are investing our time to organize workshops related to Python, JavaScript, Django, Data Science, Machine Learning, Designing, and other related topics. We are also planning to conduct events and competitions to enhance the practical skills of the learning students. Checkout for workshops being attempted soon.

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Python Basics| PDSC Bootcamp Highlight

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